Company Tours and Incentives

The Emilia-Romagna Region is filled with destinations and events dedicated to cars and motorcycles. The area’s countless auto works, speedways, auto/motorcycle events, museums, and private collections are what make a visit to “Motor Valley” a tourist experience that’s unlike any other in the world. 

Tourist Destinations Along the “Motor Valley”

Group Packages

Year after year, countless groups of car and motorcycle enthusiasts visit our museums, private collections, and auto works in order to touch a piece of history with their own hands—and to live the story of the Italian sports car today. Experience has made Modenatur an expert in recognizing our visitors’ unique needs and desires, and that means we have innovative ideas to offer each and every one. We provide new programs for organizations and workplace associations, whether as alternatives or as supplements to their existing programming. We are a primary connection for automobile and motorcycle clubs seeking to organize auto rallies in the Modena area or to create local excursions for members aboard their own private vehicles. For auto professionals and the more technically minded, we organize tours to manufacturing centers, body shops, and the makers of auto/motorcycle components and accessories. At Modenatur, every client, every group we lead, every friend who stops by for a visit is a unique opportunity to display our trademark hospitality and one-of-a-kind attention.

Company Tours and Incentives

The “Terra dei Motori” is the ideal setting for amazing your clients, rewarding your most productive workers, building team spirit, and promoting workplace solidarity. Over the years, we have tested and selected the finest “hands-on” activities for auto aficionados, but we don’t stop there. This is also an area of Italy that demands to be savored, that calls us back to strong, authentic values and to the joy of living the loveliest of everyday moments to their fullest. There’s no finer way to do that than visiting the Emilia-Romagna countryside and the hills of the northern Apennines between Tuscany and Emilia-Romagna aboard an elegant vintage auto. Stop in to a vacation farm, taste locally grown produce and other products, and experience the thrilling roar of the engines we know from our youth—the ones no one builds anymore.

Our “Terra dei Motori” also means adrenaline, speed, and the thrill of competition—all of which your clients and colleagues can experience with us in a secure and worry-free environment. Alongside professionals in the area’s automobile industry who collaborate directly with us, Modenatur organizes race-course or street outings that make your events unforgettable and one-of-a-kind. Get to know Modenatur—and let us work with you to create an event that no one will ever forget.

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